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There is a desperate need for the Western Church to turn back to the Word of God as the lens by which it views the world. We have placed it on our bookshelves, in the drawers of our night stands, or under the seat of our car only to be dusted off in a time of distress. Jesus has become our friend in the sky that we bring along when we need a miracle. God is viewed as a egotistical dictator that needs us, His creation, to get some sort of fix. The Holy Spirit... Huh? 

This site, like many other wonderful sites out there, is meant to bring back a zeal for the Word of God that the early church, centuries of martyrs, the Reformers, the men of Geneva, the Great Awakeners and many more all had when they faced the challenges of their times. It is our prayer that through the resources that begin to populate this site, its users may develop a burning zeal for the Word of God which teaches us how Christ's dominion affects and controls all sector's of human life.

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